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Eyecare Services

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Our Optometrists’ offices are located in Creve Coeur, MOSwansea, Illinois and Alton, Illinois serve the surrounding areas including Bethalto, Godfrey, Grafton, Granite City, Fairview Heights, O’Fallon and Belleville. Visit our Optometrists today!

Our friendly staff is often complimented by our patients on how nice and helpful they are during your visit with us. They will assist you with your every eye care need and will work hard to provide you with great vision while also making your experience at our office an enjoyable one.

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Performance Eyecare - high tech eye exams

Many health conditions can be detected by examining the eyes, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and multiple sclerosis.

learn more

Early Detection of Macular Degeneration & AMD with Foresee PHP

The Foresee PHP is the latest instrumentation for early detection of AMD turning from dry to wet. Wet AMD causes rapid vision loss when undetected. learn more

Performance eyecare - Lasik Eye Surgery

Our patients who have undergone Lasik surgery are the happiest patients in our office. In fact, our Lasik patients routinely tell us that they only regret not having Lasik sooner.learn more

Performance eyecare - eyeglasses, frames & contact lenses

We have the best selections of high quality designer, sporting, and prescription sunglasses & eyeglasses in Creve Coeur, MO and the Metro East Illinois area!learn more

Performance eyecare - non-surgical vision correction

How would you like to be free of contact lenses or glasses all day long? Learn More about our Non-Surgical Vision Correction Vision Retainer Shaping System!learn more

performance eyecare - Urgent Care

At Performance Eyecare, our Optometrists, Dr. Massie, Dr. Cuff, Dr. Dreyer, and Dr. Wright offer professional treatment of common eye diseases and conditions.learn more

Our Eye Care Offices

Our eye care offices are much different than a franchise optical chain store you may find in St. Louis or Fairview Heights. We are often complimented on the thoroughness of the eye exam our optometrists perform. Performance Eyecare has the most technologically-advanced eye exam instruments to detect and treat all of the various eye conditions. In fact, during your eye exam, we take a digital image of the retina, which the optometrist shows you during the examination.

Our Optometrists

Our optometrists – Dr. Massie, Dr. Cuff, Dr. Dreyer, and Dr. Wright – are three of the few vision doctors in the St. Louis area, that are certified to fit non-surgical contact lenses. We offer the Gentle Vision Shaping System, a non-surgical way to correct your vision. To find out if non-surgical vision correction is right for you, ask us about non-surgical vision correction during your eye exam.

Emergency Care

When you are met with a sudden eye injury, the last thing you want to do is go wait in an emergency room to be seen. Dr. Massie and the Performance Eyecare team offer immediate, quality care for emergencies such as scratched eye, a foreign object stuck in the eye, seeing flashes or floaters, possible eye infection, eye pain, or sudden onset of blurry vision. Count on our doctors to be there for you when you are faced with an eye emergency.

Contact Lens Success Is Guaranteed

The Performance Eyecare team guarantees that all our patients will be successful with their new contact lenses after their eye exam. If for any reason a patient cannot wear contact lenses, they will refund all professional fees, contact lens charges, will pay the patient $35 for their time, and, if another optometrist successfully fits them into contacts, they will pay the bill! You will not find this type of guarantee at another eye care or optometrist office in St. Louis, Belleville, Fairview Heights, O’Fallon or Swansea!

Specialty Eye Care Treatment

Dr. Massie, Dr. Cuff, Dr. Dreyer, and Dr. Wright offer treatment of many eye conditions, including red eyes, dry eyes, pink eye and eye infection.