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Hi-Tech Exams & Eye Exams for Children

Hi-Tech Eye Exams

hi tech eye exam digital imaging

Our Optometrists Use the Latest Digital Imaging Technology to Perform Vision & Eye Exams

We have a digital camera for the inside of the eyes (retina). Amazingly, our optometrist pulls up the picture of the inside of your eye on the computer monitor that is in each examination room. This allows Dr. Massie to explain what condition the eyes are in. It is an invaluable tool for monitoring the changes that can occur inside the eye over a patient’s lifetime.

Glaucoma Testing Without the Air Puff

No air puff! That’s right, Dr. Massie does not test for glaucoma using an air puff instrument. Instead, he instills an eyedrop and determines your eye pressure while looking with the microscope. There is no pain and this method is much more accurate than blowing air into your eye.

Eye Exams for Children

Eye Exams for Children


The American Optometric Association recommends that each child have an eye examination prior to starting kindergarten. Starting in the 2009 school year, all children in Illinois are required to have an eye exam prior to entering kindergarten. We see children as young as three years-old and have all of the proper instruments and eye charts to conduct a very thorough eye exam on children. Children feel very comfortable in our kid-friendly office as we have a kids’ corner complete with an African Animal mural and toys to keep children occupied prior to their eye exam.

Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses for Children

We feature a full line of children’s eyeglasses for all ages of children. We also fit contact lenses on children often times as young as seven or eight years old.

Near-Sighted Vision Retainers

Something we are known for is that we provide vision retainers for children who are near-sighted. This revolutionary non-surgical procedure prevents the eyes from getting worse (more near-sighted) over the years.