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Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK Laser Eye Surgery and Vision Correction

Our patients who have undergone Lasik surgery are the happiest patients in our office. In fact, our Lasik patients routinely tell us that they only regret not having Lasik sooner.

TLC LASIK Eye Center St. Louis, Dr. Stephen Wexler

TLC LASIK Eye Center St. Louis, Dr. Stephen WexlerWe are affiliated with TLC Lasik Eye Center in St. Louis. You have probably heard of Dr. Stephen Wexler who is a Lasik specialist at TLC. He treats our Lasik patients very kindly and takes a very conservative approach when determining if patients are eligible to have Lasik. To learn more about Lasik and TLC, you can visit their website at

Lifetime Committment to Clear Vision with LASIK

Dr. Massie determines if patients are good candidates for Lasik and also performs post-operative care at our office following the procedure. TLC is known for the Lifetime Committment To Clear Vision. If a patient is ever unhappy with their newfound Lasik vision, they can have an enhancement performed to clear their vision at no additional charge. This guarantee is for life; it does not expire. To schedule a Lasik consultation, Schedule an Appointment Today, or simply call our office in Illinois at (618) 234-3053 or in St. Louis at (314) 878-1377.

Ongoing AMD Testing, Monitoring & Treatment

Regular monitoring with Foresee PHP, after initial detection, will let Dr. Massie determine if your AMD is progressing to the severe, wet form of the disease before the onset of the usual visual symptoms, and begin treatment at the most effective time.