Are You an Athlete? Let Us Protect Your Eyesight!

Every summer both professional and amateur athletes head out to the play their favorite sports. And while many people love to look cool sporting their jerseys on the field, it’s important to remember to protect your body from injury, especially your eyes.

Why protect your eyes when playing baseball, basketball, or any other sport? Just imagine an errant pitch or a baseball lost in the sun going right toward your unprotected face. Perhaps another player on the basketball team accidentally hits you in eye with his or her elbow. These instances can cause scratched corneas, fractured eye sockets, and even permanent vision loss, all because you didn’t think it was “cool” to protect your eyesight in front of your friends or rivals.

And think about it – you protect your knees, shoulders, head, and other parts, bones, and joints when you play sports, so why not your eyesight? After all, broken bones and bruises will heal in time, but serious eye injuries can take you off your favorite sport’s roster permanently.

Luckily, we at Performance Eyecare can provide you with your sport’s eyewear needs! Check out some of the great products we offer!

For Baseball Players – America’s favorite pastime is a very visually-demanding sport, especially when you need to hit a 90+ mile per hour fastball. We offer some fantastic, special sunglasses just for you!

For Football Players – Since football players must wear helmets, we recommend that you wear our very own retainer contact lenses and take advantage of the Gentle Vision Shaping System (GVSS).

For Tennis Players – We have many types of lenses that will improve contrast and enhance the color of the yellow tennis ball. We also have lenses that are best for certain weather conditions when playing from sunny to cloudy and everything in between.

For Golfers – Did you know that we are one of only a few offices in the St. Louis area to specialize in Golf Vision? That’s right! We carry several different styles of golf sunglasses. The latest is the Rudy Project Ketyium featuring a green-tinted lens that enhances all green colors, thus enhancing the contrast of the white golf ball while it is resting on the green, tee box, or fairway. This wrap-style of frame provides great coverage for the golfer and can also incorporate a prescription.

For Swimmers – Don’t let chlorine get you down! We carry an assortment of swimming and scuba goggles! You can even have your own prescription lenses inserted into them so that you can see whenever you swim!

For the Hunters – We provide several lens tints that can be utilized to achieve optimal visual performance based on various weather conditions! Check out our website for more information!

If you’re ready to get out there and play your sports while protecting your vision, then come see us! Give us a call at (618) 234-3053 or visit our website at to see what we can do for you!

Say “I Do” To Wearing Contacts At Your Wedding!


Ah, weddings. A day all about love and devotion, friends and family, and celebrating unity and fidelity. As a bride, you will have so many questions to answer – Which dress is the one for you? What style of cake would you like? What are your wedding colors?

Perhaps one of THE most important questions you’ll need to answer (besides taking that handsome man beside you as your lawfully wedded husband) is, “Which is more important to you – appearance or comfort?”

While this question can be difficult to answer when it comes to your shoes, gown, or any other stylistic feature on your big day, it shouldn’t be hard to answer when it comes to your eyesight!

If you wear eyeglasses and don’t want to wear them for your wedding day, then there IS a way for you to remain stylish and comfortable at the same time without having to compromise your eyesight!

We at Performance Eyecare have the latest technology to help evaluate your eyesight for contact lenses, and we utilize the latest instrumentation to manufacture custom contact lenses that are specially made – just for you – so you can look beautiful on your big day AND have clear, sharp vision! Oh, and we have several hundred contact lenses in our office and can also routinely fit contact lens patients in the same day!

“But wait! I have astigmatism and can’t wear contacts. Am I doomed to wear glasses on the most important day in my life?” you ask.

The answer is no! In fact, if you have astigmatism, dry eyes, or eye diseases, we welcome the challenge to fit you into contact lenses. Even if you use reading glasses or bifocals or if you have recently undergone eye surgery, we are eager to try to fit you in our contacts.

In fact, Dr. Massie, who is specialized in contact lenses, guarantees success to all patients who wear contact lenses. If for some reason you cannot wear contact lenses, Dr. Massie will refund all professional fees, contact lens charges, and pay you, the patient, $35 for your time. Oh, and if another optometrist can successfully fit you into contacts, we will foot the bill!

This offer is not just good for the bride-to-be – it also extends to her bridesmaids, her mother, her future mother-in-law, or anyone else who would like to be free of their glasses! We welcome anyone to come by to get fitted for contacts today.

If you would like to have clear, comfortable vision on your wedding day without having to wear glasses, contact lenses are a great option for you. Simply call us at (618) 234-3053 or visit our website at today to schedule an appointment and start your new life by being free of your eyeglasses!

There’s No Reason For Granny’s Readers! Wear Multifocal Contact Lenses Instead!


Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

You wake up in the morning, yawn and stretch, and finally head out to the kitchen to scrounge up a good breakfast. You grab your favorite cereal and, squinting through your glasses, hold back the cereal box so you can read the nutritional value through your bifocals.

After dishing out a good-sized bowl of your delicious cereal, you take it to the dining room table, grab the morning paper, and start to read it. Well… by read it, we mean that you have to squint and hold it away from you, not because of the newsprint’s pungent smell, but because you can’t see the feature story under the main headline.

If this is you and you’re sick of your reading glasses or simply tired of holding print materials far away from you so you can actually READ them, then do we have great news for you!

You can say good-bye to your granny readers and invest in multifocal contact lenses instead!

Multifocal contact lenses, which have a range of powers of seeing clearly far away, up close, and everywhere in between, are designed to help maintain and improve your vision when you reach your 40’s and beyond. Around this stage in life, everyone develops presbyopia, a condition which forces you to hold reading material farther away from your eyes so you may see it correctly.

There are two types of multifocal contact lenses that will help you maintain good vision – simultaneous vision lenses and alternating lenses.

Simultaneous vision lenses are the most popular type of multifocal contact lenses. With these lenses, both distance and near zones of the lens are in front of your pupil… at the same time! Sure, it sounds a bit unworkable, but after just a short period of time, your visual system learns to use the power you need and ignore the other lens powers. These lenses are typically soft lenses.

Alternating vision lenses, also called translating lenses, are designed like bifocal glasses lenses. The top part of the lens houses the distance power while the bottom part of the lens contains the near power. As you look straight ahead, your eye is looking through the distance part of the lens, and whenever you look down (like when you read the morning paper or your favorite novel), your pupils shift (translate) into the near zone of the lens.  These lenses are gas permeable lenses, which provide great optics with a slight compromise in comfort.

So now that you know what multifocal contact lenses are, the next question to ask yourself is, “Will these cool lenses work for me?”

In short, most people who try these lenses are quite satisfied them.   Our doctors can let you know if you are a good candidate at your annual eye examination.  And remember, we guarantee contact lens success at Performance Eyecare, so you have nothing to lose to give them a try.

 If you want to know more about multifocal contact lenses or would like to schedule an appointment, then pick up the phone at (618) 234-3053! Check us out at our website at to see what we can do for you! Contact us today so you can kiss your granny glasses good-bye tomorrow!

May Is Our Customer Appreciation Month! Check Out All of Our Deals!


At Performance Eyecare, we absolutely love our patients and customers. It is a joy to meet with them and assist them in all of their eye care needs. We feel a certain sense of pride when we help our customers pick out the right frames for their face, help them spot any and all potential eye problems, and fulfill any other eye care needs they may have.

Well, because we value you so much, our dear customer, we have dedicated the entire month of May as Customer Appreciation Month.

That’s right. We said “Customer Appreciation MONTH.” We’re not simply dedicating a day, weekend, or a week to our loyal customers. We are giving you a whole month chock full of deals and steals!

During our Customer Appreciation Month, we have lots of promotions and deals going on that you can take advantage of! Better yet – no vision benefits are necessary at our office from May 1st through May 31st!

First of all, all of our frames will be 50% off! That’s right – 50% off! We have a variety of designer frames including Oliver Peoples, Michael Kors, Lafont, Koali, OGI, Giorgio Armani, Tom Davies, and many, many more!

Additionally, we will give you 25% off of all of our non-prescription sunglasses. You can protect your eyes in style for less dough during our Customer Appreciation Month!

Oh, and are you thinking it’s about that time again to get your eyes checked out? After all, it is recommended that you see an eye doctor once a year to keep your eyes in good condition. Also, regular eye exams can help detect the beginnings of some eye diseases. Well, guess what? During the month of May, you can get an eye exam for the eye-popping, jaw-dropping price of only $60!

So be sure to stop by to see us during the month of May to say, “Hello!” and to take advantage of all of our deals during our Customer Appreciation Month! To learn more or to make an appointment, call us here at Performance Eyecare at (618) 234-3053 or visit us at our website at! This is a very popular time of the year to get your eyes checked out, so be sure to schedule your appointment soon to guarantee a spot!

Calling All Motorcyclists! Protect Your Eyes With Wiley X Motorcycle Goggles TODAY!


For those who ride motorcycles, there is absolutely nothing more exhilarating in the world than riding down country roads or the Interstate, feeling the wind through their hair and the sunshine on their face, not having a care in the world (though in all reality, motorcyclists should always wear helmets and protective gear when they ride.).

Eric W. from Stafford, Virginia felt the same way – that is, until April 2009 when the unthinkable occurred.

Eric was in a motorcycle accident three years ago. Luckily for him, he was wearing an open-faced helmet and also Wiley X Brick protective glasses that day. A car made a left turn in front of him, and he t-boned the car at 45 mph. He was ejected off his bike and went through its windshield, over the car, and into the intersection.

The windshield of his motorcycle struck his face at the bridge of his nose. Luckily, the force of the impact was absorbed by the nose piece and the frame of his Wiley X Brick protective glasses, which deflected the windshield up into his forehead. And while it took 21 stitches to close up his forehead and scalp, his eyes survived the accident because the glasses deflected the major impact (oh, and the glasses were broken into 3 pieces, by the way).

Because Eric wore those protective eyeglasses, he is riding once again instead of learning how to live without his eyesight!

That’s why every motorcyclist should consider investing in a pair of protective eyewear from Wiley X!

There are several styles and selections for every need! They can also accommodate prescription safety lenses up to +6.00 or -6.00 total power. Their proprietary lens technology adds 100% polarization to 100% ultra violet protection for clarity and contrast like no other!

Best of all, Wiley X’s Facial Cavity Seal blocks out wind, dust, debris, and cold to keep your eyes protected and tear-free!

So where can you find these amazing motorcycle goggles? Why, you can find them right here at Performance Eyecare!

In fact, we have over 700 pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses in our state-of-the-art optical! All of our eyeglasses are covered by an unconditional warranty, and we always stand behind every pair of eyeglasses should you not be completely satisfied.

Oh, and our opticians call every single patient two weeks after they pick up their new eyeglasses to ensure that they are happy with them!

We also have a state-of-the-art eyeglass laboratory for making eyeglasses and sunglasses in a short period of time. By having our own eyeglass laboratory, we are able to take control over the quality of your eyeglasses and make sure that they’re just right, and we also decrease the amount of time you have to wait.

So come see us for your very own protective Wiley X motorcycle goggles today! Call us here at Performance Eyecare at (618) 234-3053 or visit our website at to check out our selection! Protect your eyes today to ride into a safer tomorrow!