If you would like to have clear, comfortable vision without having to wear eyeglasses, contact lenses are most likely a great option for you. Simply click the “schedule an appointment” button below to find a location near you, and start being free of your eyeglasses!


We offer all patients what we call the Contact Lens Performance Guarantee. We are so confident you will be happy with your contact lenses. So if for whatever reason you choose not to keep the contact lenses, we will refund your contact lens evaluation fees, give you $30 for your time. And if you are successfully fit into contact lenses by another eye doctor, we will pay the bill.

If you have ever been told you cannot wear contact lenses, schedule an appointment with Performance Eyecare today – we can help!


For patients with astigmatism, dry eyes, reading glasses or bifocals, eye diseases, or underwent a prior eye surgery, we can help fit you into contact lenses.

We have the latest technology to evaluate patients and utilize the latest instrumentation to manufacture custom contact lenses that are patient-specific.

As an added benefit, all of our soft contact lenses are now the same price as 1-800CONTACTS, and likely even more affordable with manufacturer’s rebates and free shipping.


The treatment approach to Keratoconus can vary depending on severity. Mild cases of Keratoconus can be simply corrected with glasses. As severity increases, glasses can no longer effectively correct your vision. Moderate to Severe cases of Keratoconus require specialty contact lenses as a treatment means. Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contact lenses have been a first-line treatment for Keratoconus for decades but recent advancements in contact lenses, in specifically Scleral Contact Lenses, have created better visual outcomes for many progressing in severity with Keratoconus.

Scleral contact lenses are custom made contact lenses that correspond to the patient’s unique eye structure. Scleral contact lenses vault over the diseased area of the cornea to create a new “refractive” surface allowing for less distortion to light as it passes through the cornea. Scleral contact lenses are difficult to fit and require practitioners specially trained in Advanced Contact Lens treatments. Our doctors have had extensive education in Scleral contact lens fitting and we utilize the latest in technology to achieve optimal vision for our patients.

In the most advanced cases of Keratoconus, sometimes surgery is the only option. If we determine you have significant scarring of the cornea, a corneal transplant procedure may be necessary. In this procedure, the scarred corneal tissue is replaced by a donor cornea. This procedure can have a long healing period and is rather invasive.

New technological advancements have been made in Keratoconus surgery leading to Corneal Crosslinking (CXL) procedures. These procedures are not nearly as invasive as a corneal transplant; it uses specific eye drops and specific wavelengths of light to strengthen the corneal tissues leading to a more stable cornea. Even with CXL and/or Corneal Transplantation, there is likely still a need for glasses or contacts following the procedure to attain the best corrected vision.