Hi-Tech Eye Exams

Our Optometrists use the latest digital imaging technology to perform vision & Eye Exams

We have a digital camera for the inside of the eyes (retina). Amazingly, our optometrist pulls up the picture of the inside of your eye on the computer monitor that is in each examination room during our eye exams. This allows our eye doctors to explain what condition the eyes are in. It is an invaluable tool for monitoring the changes that can occur inside the eye over a patient’s lifetime.

Glaucoma Testing Without The Air Puff

No air puff! That’s right, our eye doctors do not test for glaucoma using an air puff instrument. Instead, they instill an eyedrop and determines your eye pressure while looking with the microscope. There is no pain and this method is much more accurate than blowing air into your eye.

3D imaging of the Meibomian Glands

In about 30 seconds per eye, we can now take a 3D image of the glands in your eyelids to determine if they are blocked or not.  These glands secrete oil that mixes with your tears so your tear film does not evaporate too quickly.  If these glands are blocked, there’s a good chance that you are suffering from dry eyes and we can make recommendations for improved lid health and dry eyes.  

We Test the Pigment Level in Your Retina

Our sense of sight is one of our most important senses.  What would you do if you lost it?  We have a screening test, called the MPOD, which determines the density level of pigment in your macula.  Think of this pigment as sunscreen for your eyes.  The darker the pigment, the more built-in protection you have from harmful UV rays.   If you have low levels of pigment you are at higher risk for degenerative disorders.  The good news is that if you have a low score on this test, our eye doctors can tell you how you can increase your pigment levels so you have more protection.

Eye Exam
Hi tech eye exam