Prescription Eyeglasses

At Performance Eyecare, we have several hundred eyeglass and sunglass frames that are on display. We offer designer frames of the highest quality and also affordable name brands such as Kate Spade, Iyoko Inyake, Oakley, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Tom Davies, OGA, Tom Ford, Maui Jim, OGI, and many others. We are sure to have the style of eyeglasses that is perfect for you!


Although oridnary sunglasses reduce brightness, they do not remove reflected glare. To protect your vision and eyes, you need polarized sunglasses that eliminate glare from reflective surfaces and reduce the transmission of harmful sunlight. Polarized lenses are the ultimate in protection, comfort, and performance in the sun.

Top five reasons to get your eyeglasses from Performance Eyecare


Our optical selection is one of the best in the area with over 700 quality eyeglasses and sunglasses to choose from. Whatever your style or budget is, we are confident that we have several frames that you will love.


We have a custom selection-process to fit your optical needs and we pick frames according to your face shape, skin tone, brow structure, etc. We also have the ability to fit you into specialty eyewear, including sport sunglasses, sports goggles, and even scuba goggles.


We love great looking frames so much, we create our own! Our in-house Bella brand gives you a stylish, local option when you’re picking out new frames. Talk to our helpful team to find an option that fits your face shape, lifestyle, and sense of fashion.


There is a wide spectrum of quality among lenses and frames in the optical industry. We offer the most technological-advanced lenses that allow you to see your absolute best. Our frames are that of the highest quality, which holds their adjustment and is built to last for many years to come.


We are so confident in our eyeglasses that we carry a 1-year warranty for breakage at no additional cost to you. If your glasses break, simply bring them back to be repaired or replaced. We also offer a 14-day exchange policy, so if you decide you do not like the shape or color, you can return it for another frame!

Blue Light Filter

Blue light is the color of the light spectrum that is visible to the human eye. Not all wavelengths of blue light are harmful to the body. Our bodies need some blue light to regulate our circadian rhythm and to elevate our mood and overall well-being. The largest source of blue light is the sun, so wearing sunglasses while outdoors is very important, especially for children.

The effects of high energy visible, HEV, blue light are now being researched more in depth due to how much exposure we receive from digital devices that emit artificial blue light. Consistent exposure to this light without protection can cause cataracts and changes in the macula, possibly leading to macular degeneration. Studies also show that too much exposure to blue light can also cause eyestrain, fatigue, headaches and the disruption of the body’s natural sleep cycle.

At Performance Eyecare, we work hard to utilize the latest in technology to provide our patients the best vision and to prevent vision loss over the years. If you or your children are exposed to significant amounts of blue light, we recommend a blue light filtering feature for your eyeglass lenses. Our blue filter lens material is virtually clear, not tinted yellow! If you opt for a blue light anti-glare you will notice a blue shimmer, which is indicative of the blue light bouncing off the lenses. Blue light material can be combined with the blue light anti-glare for additional blue light protection. We also recommend polarized lenses for sunglasses and Transitions for clear lenses when requested, which block additional high energy blue light.