Eye exams for children

The American Optometric Association recommends that each child has an eye examination prior to starting kindergarten.  Children feel very comfortable in our kid-friendly office.  We see children as young as three years-old and have all of the proper instruments and eye charts to conduct very thorough eye exams on children.  All of our young patients get to pull a toy out of our special “treasure chest” at the conclusion of their visit.

Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses For Children

We feature a full line of children’s eyeglasses for all ages of children. We also fit contact lenses on children oftentimes as young as seven or eight years old during our eye exams for children.

Near-Sighted Vision Retainers

Something we are known for is that we provide vision retainers for children who are near-sighted. This revolutionary non-surgical procedure prevents the eyes from getting worse (more near-sighted) over the years.