Build Your Dream Scholarship


Thank you 2023 applicants – we look forward to introducing you to our winner soon!

The best part of our day is hearing our young patients talk about their goals, passions, and dreams for the future. Those dreams come in all shapes and sizes, whether it be trade schools, universities, business startups, non-profit work, or something else entirely! We believe everyone should enjoy a career they love, so our Build Your Dream scholarship program is designed to help one high school grad pursue their passion with a $5,000 gift. 

Essay Content Details

  • Submit an essay that describes how you have chosen your career path for life after high school, and explain how winning this scholarship will assist you in your goals
  • There are no length requirements – your essay may be as brief or as long as you like
  • There are no GPA, ACT, or other academic-based requirements

Meet some of our previous winners: