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March Madness 2016

Save During March Madness We sent out special gift cards in the mail for customer’s to receive $150 off their next purchase before March 31, 2016. But, we decided that wasn’t enough madness and wanted to extend the offer it to anyone who visits our website, or Facebook Page! If you would like to save … Read more

Missing Summer Already?

We have a sale worth seeing! If you are already dreading the cold, snowy winter days ahead of us; and instead are dreaming of the sun-kissed afternoons that summer brought, you are in luck! We have a special going on that is sure to brighten even the coldest of winter days. Now, through December 31st … Read more

2015 Spring and Summer Eyewear Fashion

The chilly winter weather may be lingering around for now, but soon enough the warmer spring and summer air will be pushing in. That also means the spring and summer eyeglass and sunglasses style will be coming into fruition, as well. As noted by Fashionisers.com, colors are the first things needed for summer as the trends … Read more

Holiday Eye Care Gift Ideas

“Where did you buy that gift?” “I went to Performance Eyecare.” Okay, that may sound weird for two reasons: 1. The gift didn’t come from the epicenter of Christmas shopping, the mall and 2. The gift came from the eye doctor. But don’t count us out when you’re searching for a Christmas gift this year. … Read more

Stay In The Game With Quality Eye Protection

Are you or your child considering playing a sport? Here are some things to consider to keep your eyes safe before you commit to a sport. Spring is the most popular time of year for people to play sports as winter’s cold has moved on and summer’s heat awaiting us. It’s no wonder why April … Read more