Meet Our 2023 Scholarship Winner

We’re excited to introduce you to our 2023 Build Your Dreams scholarship winner, Blain L. from Robinson, IL! Blain is a remarkable young leader with a passion for helping others. After receiving a shocking diagnosis of leukemia during his junior year, he quickly turned his attention towards how his experience could help others.

Our winner is the founder of “Buckets For Blain”, a foundation that assists teens and young adults in their journey of battling blood cancer. His organization is dedicated to increasing awareness of these rare diseases, and helps people adjust to life after their diagnosis. Blain plans to attend business school so he can grow the foundation, and reach even more young people when they need support the most. He’s also an active athlete, and looks forward to pursuing a career as a coach.

Please join the Performance Eyecare team in wishing Blain a happy graduation, and much success in his future endeavors!